Cavalier Muses

Cavalier Gifts Muse Call
Cavalier models are needed!

šŸ¶Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Muse Call!

I’m always looking for good Cavaliers to use as muses for designs.Ā  If you would like your Cavalier to be considered to become the next muse, please post their photo on this Facebook post. I will keep this post filed and when I’m looking for a new pup, I’ll check out the entries. Please read all the info below before submitting. X Tonya & Dexter

  • Your Cavalier muse entry must be of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. All entries must be a pure breed, no mix breeds. They don’t have to be perfectly marked or to breed standards. Hey, look at my monster, Dexter.
  • If chosen, Cavalier Gifts will have an artist create an image inspired by your Cavalier (not exact likeness).
  • This image will then be turned into various designs and used on products for resale in the Cavalier Gift Shops.
  • By offering up your Cavalier’s photo for consideration, you would be giving Cavalier Gifts/Tonya Wilhelm permission to have an image created and use on merchandise for resale in Cavalier Gifts’ various online shops.
  • The artist drawing will be owned by Cavalier Gifts/Tonya Wilhelm a copy will not be provided to the winner.
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I always love to see your Cavaliers sporting our Cavalier Gifts Gear, so please send me any photos and updates. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter and join our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Facebook group.

What else do I have for our Cavalier-obsessed friends?Ā  Well, you can subscribe to our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tips and Fun YouTube channel, sign up for a chance to win a prize, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and check out our parent site, Raising Your Pets Naturally.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me, Dexter and I love hearing from you. ~Tonya