Cavalier King Charles Spaniel T shirts
We love hearing from our Cavalier family.

Thank you for visiting Cavalier Gifts.  I’m here to answer any questions you may have.  Please feel free to shoot me an email anytime. x Tonya & Dexter

Do you make the merchandise seen on Cavalier Gifts?  Yes and no. I create the images and designs for all the merchandise.  I  can’t draw to save my life, so I work with various artists to create the Cavaliers.  From those images, I create a variety of fun Cavalier designs. I then upload my designs to various print-on-demand shops, like TeePublic and Zazzle.  Then, those companies do the rest.  They take the order, process, print, and ship. I earn a small commission from each sale.

Can my Cavalier become your next Cavalier Muse?  Maybe! I’m always on the hunt for new Cavaliers for inspiration.  Click here to learn more.

How do I order from Cavalier Gifts?  Ordering takes place directly on the print-on-demand shop’s website.  TeePublic and Zazzle are the two I update most often. I also have some unique Cavalier items in my Spring shop and CafePress.

How do your sizes run? Sizes vary greatly between shops and their styles.  I highly recommend taking a good look at their sizing charts. When in doubt, each store offers solid customer support that is always willing to help.

Do you accept returns? The shops I sell on have an outstanding return policy.  As soon as you receive your item, take a look at it, try it on, and see if it’s the perfect fit.  If not, contact their customer support and they will take care of you.  Their amazing support is why I feel comfortable designing in their stores.

Should I contact you if I’m not happy with my order?  Yes and yes!  First, contact the appropriate customer support so you can get your return or refund going. Then, please send me an email letting me know.  I really want to create amazing Cavalier gifts for the Cavalier lover so you can have something you love.

Why do you have recipes on your website? hahaha, I’m a girl with many ideas.  At one point, I had a woman’s lifestyle blog.  I converted that blog to Cavalier Gifts.  But hey, there are some good recipes, why delete them?

What if I have questions? I’m here. Send me a note and ask away.

I always love to see your Cavaliers sporting our Cavalier Gifts Gear, so please send me any photos and updates. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter and join our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Facebook group.

What else do I have for our Cavalier-obsessed friends?  Well, you can subscribe to our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tips and Fun YouTube channel, sign up for a chance to win a prize, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and check out our parent site, Raising Your Pets Naturally.

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me, Dexter and I love hearing from you. ~Tonya