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Welcome to the Cavalier Gifts blog, your ultimate destination for all things Cavalier King Charles Spaniels! I’m Tonya, and my BFF there is Dexter. I’ve been a positive dog trainer for over twenty-five years and passionate about natural pet care and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for fourteen years. Thanks, Dexter! 

I started Cavalier Gifts many years ago, basically because I wanted unique Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gifts, merchandise, and clothing that I wasn’t finding elsewhere. I work with various creative artists to come up with original Cavalier designs and upload them on TeePublic or Zazzle (print-on-demand shops). 

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But it doesn’t stop there. I’m so over the top in love with the breed that I started the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Training, Games, Care, Tips & Demos Facebook group! Then came the YouTube channel, Cavalier Tips and Fun. Finally, it was time to start this blog. I mean, I just can’t get enough of those long, flowing ears and big eyes.

But wait, there’s more. My blogging and YouTube didn’t start here. I also have Raising Your Pets Naturally blog and RYPN YouTube channel.  If that’s not enough, I also started a third YouTube channel just for kids, Dexter the Dog and Friends. To say I’m passionate about dogs is an understatement.

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A few more things before you go. For non-breed specific, you can also check out my THE Dog Designs shop on both TeePublic and Zazzle. And for all of your dog printable downloads, hop over to my Etsy shop. You can also check out my books on Amazon! OK, I think that is it for the time being. But you just never know with me.

Dexter and I are truly happy you stopped by. If you have any questions or need help, just shoot me a note. ~Tonya & Dexter the Dog

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